About us

Venookah GmbH – a company that stands for premium quality with its own brands.

We have made it our mission to provide every passionate shisha lover with an unforgettable, long-lasting taste experience.
In addition to tobacco, the development of smoke and the coal used are other decisive factors.

This was the beginning of something great. Our product family includes the "27 Orignal" coals. The structure and quality of the cubes can be determined through controlled and clearly defined processes. The calorific value, the proportion of carbon and the proportion of moisture content and much more are decisive factors here. Quality is our top priority.

In order to perfect the smoking experience, we developed the Venoz Shisha after an extensive collection of ideas and over months. A 100% handmade stainless steel shisha.

With the Venoz we have set an example in the scene.
All elements of the Venoz P1 are 100% handmade! Every Venoz is unique! Our column is made of the best stainless steel! It is hand turned and hand polished. The bowl is made of the finest crystal glass! In order to get the individual neck for the base in such a way that the base is flush with the glass, enormous effort and the highest precision are necessary. Therefore, it is mouth-blown and hand-turned. The elaborate patterns are hand-cut. Each piece is unique!
The quality was not hidden from the artist Nimo and so it came to a cooperation and thus the birth of our K!K!. Its black design brings elegance and simplicity with it, a real eye-catcher and should be in the hands of every lover.

Since it was only a matter of time before the right accessories for our Venoz as well as for the K! K! we developed our own Plate Defender, Molasse Catcher and 2in1 fireplace for every enthusiastic Shisha lover.

Be curious and keep following the rise of the venookah in the hookah scene.

Your Venookah team