No trees are felled for the production of our coal because we only use the shell of their coconuts. Our coal is 100% made from the quality shell of flawless coconuts from Indonesia.

We - and our customers - as passionate hookah smokers know what it takes for a good hookah: taste and smoke. For this purpose, in addition to the tobacco, mainly the coal used is crucial. Controlled and well-defined processes can be used to determine the structure and quality of the cubes. Crucial factors for this are the calorific value, the proportion of carbon, the proportion of moisture content and much more.

For months, a process was defined that makes the smoking experience with our coal almost perfect. The increasingly frequent breakage of coal - both lighting and tapping has an end with SiaVent. No more breaking. The burned coal leaves a maximum of 2.5% ash. Since sustainability is our top priority, our coal is completely untreated and free of any chemical additives. Thus, the ash can also be used as a fertilizer for your plants and thus stimulate growth, or provide a substitute for road salt on cold winter days. Our premium coal glows to a perfect maximum temperature, so that the tobacco burns slower than usual and therefore no scratching when smoking. Also, our charcoal leaves no taste of its own, which makes the taste of tobacco even better.

We have set ourselves the goal of giving every passionate hookah smoker an incomparable taste experience - and that lasts long. For this, we attach great importance to the coconut shells used for our coal. We consistently adhere to this quality standard in order to keep exactly what we promise - Highest Premium Quality.