100% HANDMADE ... Every Venoz P-1 is unique!

The Venoz P1 is handcrafted with the highest precision and sprayed for robustness!

The smoke and the ventilation are sensational, as are the optics. It speaks unconditionally for itself!

The unique, yet modern design of our stainless steel column, combined with the very elegant and traditional looking bowl made of the best crystal glass, ensures a timeless look!

A highlight is our blow out system with the unique polishing, which are equipped with utmost care and a peculiarity of us. To make the exit slots, all air outlets are polished and grounded by hand.

Each Venoz P1 comes with the matching stainless steel mouthpiece. With the oval shape to the end and the extended hose insert area, it is not only more solid, but just like the pillar elegant and timeless ... like a piece!

Who uses the Venoz P1 once will not want to give it away. The Venoz P1 is the most expensive produced and handmade shisha ever!