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Venoz P1 - Smokers


Modern! The model Smokers is modern and subtle, it brings the look of smoke with its look!

3 Year Warranty!

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All elements of the Venoz P1 are 100% handmade! Every Venoz is unique!

Column: Our column is made of the best stainless steel! It is hand-turned and hand-polished. The air outlets / slots are intricately drilled and polished inside and out by hand, since a machine implementation in this form is not possible.

Bowl: Consisting of the finest crystal glass! In order to make the individual neck for the base so that the base is flush with the glass, an enormous effort and the finest accuracy is necessary, so it is mouth-blown and hand-turned. The elaborate patterns are hand-cut. Each piece is unique!

Plate: We use the best stainless steel, top in satin, round bottom turned and polished. It is very robust and has a 18/8 cut for the perfect grip!

Mouthpiece: For a firmer hold the hose attachment is extended by 50%.

18/8 cut: Of course, our plate adapters and smoke column adapters have a 18/8 cut for a better and worry-free hold!

Included in the set:
Plate, pillar, bowl, mouthpiece, diffuser

The Venoz P-1 in daily use should not be, especially when filled or unfilled, carried at the smoke column. Instead it should be carried with the bowl. Please note that this instruction has to be strictly followed, because glass and stainless steel are glued components. Glass breakage / damage is not included in the warranty due to improper use.

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